At Viv Marketing, content is queen. My job? Conceptualize and craft memorable, fascinating, rockstar-quality content for your brand.


What do I do?

... and more! Whatever your content needs, I'm your gal. Let's create something together. 



Who am I?

Born and bred in the Midwest, I've been producing digital content in one form or another since 1998. I turned my love of words and the digital space into a successful career in social media, content, and editing in 2006. Content is my first love — from conceptualizing a piece to researching it, writing it, editing it, and watching it ripple across the web. 

I've lived all over the U.S., Israel, and am now based in Denver with my husband and two kids. When I'm not writing or designing something, I'm drinking coffee and dreaming about world travel. 

“What do you need a spellchecker for? You’re [Chaviva Gordon-Bennett].”
— Alex Clark


Whether you know exactly what you need or you want to talk through your marketing game plan, Viv Marketing is ready for you.